MAU34104 - Group representations

Course information

Lecturer: Nicolas Mascot

Assessment: 15% homework assignments, 85% final exam.

Because of the current situation, all the lectures will be prerecorded and available online on this page, see below.


Linear representations of finite groups by J.-P. Serre is an excellent reference on this topic. The contents of this module roughly correspond to part I of this book.
Alex Bartel's lecture notes also cover (a little more than) the contents of this module, and give a slightly different point of view.

Recorded lectures

The course contents are available as prerecorded videos and as PDF notes. You can save these files by right-clicking on the links and clicking on "Save link as".


Homework assignments are accessible on the Teams channel for this module.

Final exam

The final exam will probably take place in the form of a take-home exam.

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