MAU34101 - Galois theory

Course information

Lecturer: Nicolas Mascot


Lecture notes

Lecture notes for this module are available here. They are now complete, and will not be updated anymore.



You must submit your work before the deadline, either by bringing it to class or by emailing it to me. The solutions will be made available immediately after the deadline, so late submissions will not be accepted.

Exercise sheet Due date Solutions
Sheet 1 Tuesday October 1st, 3PM Solutions 1
Sheet 2 Tuesday October 29th, 3PM Solutions 2
Sheet 3 Tuesday November 12th, 3PM Solutions 3
Sheet 4 Tuesday November 19th, 3PM Solutions 4


The exam took place on December 11, 2019 from 5 to 7PM. Here are the questions, and here are the solutions.

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