List of abbreviations

2D - two-dimensional
2D-FFT - two-dimensional fast Fourier transform
3D - three-dimensional
AES - Auger electron spectroscopy
BO - Born-Oppenheimer
C60 - Buckminster fullerene
CMA - cylindrical mirror analyser
Co-TBrPP - (5,10,15,20-tetrabromophenylporphyrinato)Co(II)
CYP - cytochrome P450
DFT - density functional theory
DOS - density of states
EXAFS - extended X-ray absorption fine structure
FCC - face-centred cubic
GGA - generalised gradient approximation
h - C60 facing a surface with a hexagon
h–h - C60 facing a surface with the bond between two
h–p - C60 facing a surface with the bond between a hexagon
and a pentagon
H2P - free-base porphine
H2TPP - free-base tetraphenyl-porphyrin
HOMO - highest occupied molecular orbital
LDA - local density approximation
LEED - low energy electron diffraction
LUMO - lowest unoccupied molecular orbital
ML - monolayer
MnClTPP - (5,10,15,20-tetraphenylporphyrinato)Mn(III)Cl
MO - molecular orbital
NEXAFS - near-edge X-ray absorption fine structure
NiDPP - (5,15-diphenylporphyrinato)Ni(II)
NiP - Ni-porphine
NiTPP-dimer - 5-((10,15,20-triphenylporphyrinato)Ni(II))2 dimer
p - C60 facing a surface with a pentagon
PAW - projected augmented wave
PBE - Perdew-Burke-Ernzerhof
s - C60 facing a surface with a single atom
SNOM - scanning near-field optical microscopy
STM - scanning tunneling microscopy
T0 - Kauzmann temperature
TC - critical temperature
Tg - kinetic glassy transition temperature
TPP - tetraphenyl-porphyrin
UHV - ultra-high vacuum
VASP - Vienna ab initio simulation package
vdW-DF - van der Waals density functional
VFT - Vogel-Fulcher-Tammann
XAFS - X-ray absorption fine structure
XANES - X-ray absorption near-edge structure
XAS - X-ray absorption spectroscopy
XPS - X-ray photoemssion spectroscopy