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Module MAU34900: Mathematics Education

Credit weighting (ECTS)
10 credits
Semester/term taught
Michaelmas & Hilary Term 2021-22
Contact Hours
Initially 3 per week (including tutorials); later,equivalent time spent helping students, ideally in school or College classrooms but perhaps in other face-to-face settings or online ('classroom experience'), together with some lectures / tutorials.
Prof. Elizabeth Oldham
Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this module, students will be able to:
  • Describe, critique and apply major theories about mathematics teaching and learning;
  • Outline and critique the context, aims, learning outcomes, content, resource implications and assessment procedures of Irish school mathematics curricula, in the context of international developments;
  • Identify and describe their own current beliefs about the nature of mathematics and their philosophies of mathematics education;
  • Report on their classroom experience (or equivalent) in the light of the theories and topics addressed: describing approaches to teaching and learning, and analysing the student behaviours observed (or other appropriate activity reflecting non-standard experiences); describing and analysing their own reactions;
  • Research and present a project on a topic that appears, or might appear, in mathematics curricula.
Module Content
The following five topics are considered in lectures:
  • Introduction and overview;
  • Attitudes to mathematics;
  • Learning and teaching mathematics;
  • Mathematics curricula;
  • The nature of mathematics and philosophies of mathematics education.

There is no one prescribed text; relevant reading will be assigned or recommended during the year.
Module Prerequisite
Assessment Detail

This module is assessed by means of coursework.  There are three assignments: a mathematical autobiography (counting for 5% of the marks), a project related to mathematics curricula (60%) and a report on students’ classroom experience or equivalent (30%).  Additionally, tutorial exercises (5%) involve postings to the module’s discussion forum. (Weightings may change slightly depending on circumstances)