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Joint Honors Moderatorship

Joint Honors is a B.A. degree programme in which mathematics may be combined with another subject (Economics, Modern Irish, Music, Philosophy or Russian). The combination grid is available here.

The general structure of the programme provides for students with a deep interest in two areas, and both subjects are studied equally for three years. Depending on the combination, one or other or both subjects may be studied in the final (Senior Sophister) year. Sophister pattern and Major/Minor choice information.

The following information is available:

The first two years of the course (the Fresh years) aim to provide students with the detailed background in algebra and analysis and a limited selection of application topics. There is no choice of modules in Junior Fresh (or first) year and a limited choice in the Senior Fresh year.

The Junior Sophister year, and the Senior Sophister year for those not majoring in their other jh subject, entail few restrictions on choice of modules, allowing students the freedom to pursue avenues of mathematics that have attracted their interest in the Fresh years.

There are significant numbers of modules within the course provided by the Statistics discipline of the School of Computer Science and Statistics. In addition there are some modules from the Department of Economics available in the Sophsiter years.

Students majoring in Mathematics (concentrating all their final year on Mathematics) can reach a high level of sophistication in a few topics in the their Senior Sophister year, Some of those students undertake a project exploring a current area of research.

For general information about the Two Subject Moderatorship, please refer to the jh Course website.

The University of Dublin Calendar hould be consulted for definitive information about the rules, regulations, and activities of the University.