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In these few pages we hope to give the prospective student some idea of the ins and outs and ups and downs of studying Mathematics at Trinity College. This can be done as a Moderatorship in Mathematics, a Moderatorship in Theoretical Physics or a Two Subject Moderatorship with mathematics as one subject. The three degrees, all four year honour degrees,are described in full, including required courses and career options.

Word of mouth is often said to be the best advertising. Sharing the experiences of those who have gone before you may be the surest way of gaining a realistic picture of what to expect. With that in mind we will quote liberally from both current and former students of Maths at Trinity College.

If you're already reading this you must have an interest in mathematics, but be aware that mathematics studied at university level is totally different to maths at school. New students are often shocked at the new breadth and depth of a subject with which they have long been familiar.

``What happened to sums?''
``I expected the odd number or two.''
``I didn't know it could be so theoretical.''

The surprise is that mathematics at university level is not just about solving problems but about understanding them - not always an easy task.

``It is very hard work'',
``It is very much work intensive''.

Like any other form of higher study, mathematics requires a serious commitment and unbridled enthusiasm. Satisfaction is its own ultimate reward, but gauge for yourself by the student comments sprinkled throughout this booklet, the challenges, delights and pit falls of a university degree in mathematics. o Finally, the Mathematics and Physics Departments of Trinity College hold a joint open day each November. As well as attending talks and demonstrations, the prospective student is afforded the opportunity to query staff and students about any and all concerns. We are always delighted to speak to students. Please feel free to phone the Maths Department for any other information, or ring to make an appointment for a visit. The phone number is 896-1949, 896-4468, or 896-1889, 8.00 to 1.00pm and 2.00pm to 5.15pm Monday to Friday.