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Module MA5612: High Performance Computing Systems and Hardware

Credit weighting (ECTS)
10 credits
Semester/term taught
First and Second semester 2016-17
Module Coordinator
Dermot Frost
Intended Learning Outcomes
Students who successfully complete the course should be able to:
  • Outline the operation of key components in a HPC system.
  • Identify and analyse in detail how a specific code interacts with these components and how this impacts the performance of the code.
  • Write code that maximizes the performance of the system.
  • Write code that interacts with the system to modify its behaviour
  • Design a HPC system that is balanced between the subsystems
  • Structure and Content
    In this course we examine the underlying hardware and system software that impacts the performance of your code. Through a detailed examination of the operation of CPUs, memory, storage, networks and operation systems, you will learn how to tailor your code for a given computer architecture and also to design complex HPC systems from these components.
    Assessment Detail
    20% continuously assessed programming assignments. 80% written exam (April/May)