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School of Mathematics Staff

You requested /people/ but these are the current staff pages.

School of Mathematics Staff


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Head of School & Professor
Sinead Ryan
University Chair of Natural Philosophy (1847) & Professor
Samson Shatashvili
Director of Teaching & Learning (Postgraduate) & Assistant Professor
Manuela Kulaxizi
Director of Teaching & Learning (Undergraduate) & Assistant Professor
Paschalis Karageorgis
Director of Research
Stefan Sint
Erasmus Smith's Chair of Mathematics
Position currently vacant.  
Professor of Theoretical High Energy Physics
Sinead Ryan
Accenture Associate Professor of Mathematics
Andreea Nicoara
Student Exchange Co-Ordinator
Kirk Soodhalter
Theoretical Physics Course Co-Ordinator & Assistant Professor
Jan Manschot
Donegall Lecturer in Mathematics
Position currently vacant  
Sergey Frolov
Associate Professors: 
Ruth Britto
Tristan McLoughlin
Michael Peardon
Stefan Sint
John G. Stalker
Dmitri Zaitsev
Assistant Professors:
Paschalis Karageorgis
Manuela Kulaxizi
Marina Marinkovic
Jan Manschot
Sergey Mozgovoy
Nicolas Mascot
Colm O Dunlaing
Andrei Parnachev
Kirk Soodhalter
Alberto Ramos
David R. Wilkins
Research Assistant Professors:
Marius de Leeuw (RS-SFI)
David Wilson(RS-SFI)
Teaching Fellow
Miriam Logan
Adjunct Associate Professors in Mathematics
Michael. P Fry
Donal P. O'Donovan
Adjunct Assistant Professors in Mathematics
Elizabeth Oldham
Part-time Lecturers in Mathematics
Anthony Brown
Joe O'Hogain
Andrews' Professor of Astronomy (Honorary)
Honorary Lecturers in Mathematics (Part-time)
Peter Lynch  
W.F.C (Michael) Purser  
Adjunct Professor of Mathematics
David Kingston  
Nigel H. Buttimore
Lawrence J. Crane  
Petros S. Florides
Sara M. McMurry
John J. H. Miller
Visiting Research Fellow:
Jon-Ivar Skullerud
Research & Postdoctoral Fellows:
Aradhita Chattopadhyaya ( Research Fellow)  
Guy Jehu (Research Fellow)
Marianne Leitner (Research Fellow)
Jose Manuel Moreno (Research Fellow)
Gim Seng Ng ( Research Fellow)
Andrea Orta ( Research Fellow)
Christiana Pantelidou ( Research Fellow)
Raul Pereira ( Research Fellow)
Ana Lucia Retore ( Research Fellow)
Gurpreet Singh(Research Fellow)
Kallol Sen (Research Fellow)  
Mowdal Swapwamay (Research Fellow)  
Johann Usovitsch (Research Fellow)
Chaolun Wu (Research Fellow)
Administrative Staff
Karen O'Doherty (School Manager)
Emma Clancy
Finance Officer
Ciara Scanlon (work days Wednesday to Friday)
Graduate Students in Mathematics
Nicholas Aidoo
Johannes Aspman
Nico Battelli
Elias Furrer
Luke Gayer
Riccardo Gonzo
Martijn Hidding
Robin Karlsson
Nicolas Lang
Chiara Paletta  
Anton Pribitoks
David Alexander Robinson
Paul Ryan
Anne Spiering

Stefan Stojku  
Petar Tadic
Pedro Tamaroff
David Tims