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The department has its own computer network which is linked to the main College backbone by optical fibre and hence to central computation facilities and to international networks. The department's internal network is currently based on a mix of 10MB/s, 100Mb/s and 1Gbp/s Ethernet over category 5 UTP cable and fibre.

The departmental student facilities are based on the UNIX operating system and computing power for student use is provided by 12 general use UNIX servers. These workstations are a mix high end PC servers running FreeBSD or Linux. They share over 1TB of disk space, over 700 GB of which is available directly to users. A LTO1 tape drive provide backup facilities, and is augmented by off-site disk based backups. Staff and postgrads use the same basic facilities augmented by a number of research machines.

There are over 40 terminals and 4 laser printers connected to the system in the 2 undergraduate terminal rooms which are available 24 hours a day. These are mainly 17 inch colour X-terminals, many of which use flat-screen LCD displays. In addition to these facilities postgraduates and staff usually have access to their own X-terminal. Miscellaneous other facilities are available including dial in modems, CD-ROM drives and wireless access.

Programming (eg. C, Java), access to the Internet (eg. e-mail, Usenet and the web), mathematical software (eg. TeX, Mathematica) are just some of the uses to which the system is put.

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