Acceptable Usage Policy - School of Mathematics Computer System

This is an "Acceptable Usage Policy" for maths. Please send comments to David Malone please.

Who is it for?

The School of Mathematics' computer system is primarily a Unix teaching system for the staff and students of the School of Mathematics. It is run "by students for students".

Access to the system is provided to first year undergraduates in the following groups:

The access will usually continue for the duration of their stay in Trinity.

Members of the Faculty of Science will usually be provided with access on their request. Access will be provided to other members of the college if a good case is presented. Requests from mathematics staff members for access for visiting students, staff, etc. are usually granted.

What do we provide?

Services useful to mathematicians and scientists and to those learning and teaching mathematics and science. Currently this includes access to programming languages (eg. C, Java), the Internet (eg. e-mail, Usenet and the web), mathematical software (eg. TeX, Mathematica). As the requirements of mathematicians and scientists change the services may change too.

How may it be used?

The computer system and those using it are naturally subject to the laws of the land. While using the network you may be subject to foreign and international law. Also the Code of Conduct for computer and network use within Trinity applies to the use of our computer system. Following these guidelines is a requirement for those who want to use the system.

We would like to emphasise the following points.

In the unlikely event of people having problems with these rules people may be warned and/or lose their rights to use the system on a temporary or permanent basis. If you are unsure if something is kosher or not, or have a suggestion about how the system could be improved then just let us know.

Note: The Trinity Code of Conduct can be found on the web at:
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