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The Hamilton Scholars

The Hamilton Scholars

Launch of The Hamilton Scholars

The Hamilton Scholars aims to produce a cohort of exceptional PhD students whose work is expected to have a significant international impact in their chosen area of specialisation.

With the School's international perspective, the programme is uniquely placed to address the national and global demand for the next generation of technically-trained researchers, academics and educators.

The Hamilton Scholars focuses on fields where Trinity plays a leading role internationally such as Algebra and Number Theory, Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Quantum Field Theory, Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics and String Theory.

The Hamilton Scholars programme, which honours the Irish mathematician William Rowan Hamilton, a celebrated graduate of Trinity College, has been established with the generous support of Trinity's alumni and friends.

The objectives of the Hamilton Scholars are:

  • To attract and support the best Irish and international students to carry out research in the School's priority research areas.
  • To strengthen our capacity in teaching, for the benefit of future generations of students.
  • To continue the development of the disciplines of mathematics and theoretical physics and extend opportunities for interdisciplinary work, helping to open up exciting new areas of exploration and knowledge.

Scholarships will be awarded to PhD students of outstanding talent, from Ireland and internationally, who will be selected to study a key research theme within the disciplines of mathematics and theoretical physics. To address the gender imbalance in these disciplines, female candidates will be specifically sought out and invited to apply.

Each Hamilton Scholar will receive individual research supervision with an internationally-renowned mathematician or theoretical physicist. The programme will also provide an exciting opportunity for the individual scholars to gain invaluable research and teaching experience, preparing them to take their place as academic leaders of the future.

Honouring William Rowan Hamilton

William Rowan Hamilton

The School of Mathematics has been home to some of Ireland's finest mathematical minds, foremost among them William Rowan Hamilton (1805-1865). Hamilton demonstrated his exceptional abilities as a student at Trinity, and was appointed Professor of Astronomy and Astronomer Royal in 1827 while still an undergraduate of the College.

Hamilton made seminal contributions to the mathematical foundations of dynamics and his Hamiltonian mechanics laid the groundwork for the formulation of quantum mechanics. Hamilton is also know for his discovery of quaternions, a number system that extends complex numbers and is applied to mechanics in three-dimensional space. Today, quaternions are used in computer game animation and to guide spacecraft. Hamiltons discoveries are enduring, as they continue to have relevance to the world today and to inspire those interested in mathematics.

The School of Mathematics

With a 420 year tradition of scholarship, Trinity College Dublin is recognised as one of the leading universities in the World.

Mathematics has always been an area of strength at Trinity and today the School of Mathematics continues to attract the best students. Its staff is of the highest international calibre and delivers top-quality teaching and research.

The School of Mathematics is developing a new programme - The Hamilton Scholars - to train professional mathematicians to pursue the study of scientific and technological problems by mathematical methods and to undertake research in various branches of the subject. Mathematics is central to science and society, embedded in every discipline and every industry. We need specialists equipped with the knowledge of mathematics more than ever.

Sustaining Academic Leadership - Funding the Hamilton Scholars.

To help deliver our plans to sustain and strengthen research and teaching excellence in TCDTrinity College, we are offering the opportunity for supporters to play a pivotal role in this exciting initiative.

We are seeking an investment by supporters of €25,000 a year over four years for a total amount of €100,000 and would be delighted to advise on opportunities to contribute to the initiative, either individually or as part of a group. Donations are eligible for full tax relief in Ireland, the UK and USA.

In a global context of reduced public funding for higher education, we are more dependent than ever upon the generosity and support of our alumni, friends and donors in helping Trinity deliver on its commitment to a research-led education.

Acknowledging Supporters

Our supporters will be acknowledged for their valuable contribution by name in a prominent location in Trinity's School of Mathematics and in all materials and events associated with Hamilton Scholars. Supporters will also be invited to special events in the School, including opportunities to engage with the Scholars on their research findings.

Contact Us

If you are interested in finding finding out more about The Hamilton Scholars programme or if you would like information on how to get involved as a supporter, please contact:

School of Mathematics
Associate Director Trinity Foundation